Postal Industry Agreements

The CEPU has negotiated a vast amount of Agreements which, in addition to Awards, govern the pay and conditions of workers in the Postal industry.If your Agreement is not listed here, it may be due to the WorkChoices legislation. Please contact the Union office on (02) 9893 7822 for more information.

All Agreements listed are current.

 Employer  Agreement Title Click to View
Australia Post Australia Post Enterprise Agreement 2017 (EBA9)
Australia Post EBA6 Undertakings (Associated Letters)
Australia Post Redundancy / Redeployment / Retraining Agreement 1995
Australia Post Role of the Observer AIRC Order
Australia Post Medical Restrictions Board of Reference AIRC Order – Letter of Agreement
Post Logistics 3PL Post Logistics Third Party Warehousing / Business Fulfilment Enterprise Agreement 2004 (A.K.A  EBA2)
Decipha Decipha Enterprise Agreement 2005 – 2007
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