Postal Industry Resources

In the face of technological change and the emergence of the digital age, Australians still continue to support and rely upon their daily mail. 

The CEPU covers employees of Australia’s largest employers in the postal industry, both in the public and private sector.

Australia Post is the largest employer group of the CEPU’s postal industry membership.

However, the CEPU continues to represent workers in private licensed postal operations, postal franchises, private mailing houses, file storage and delivery functions including independent contractors and sub-contractors.

Across the public and private sectors, our members play a key role in helping this mail reach the hands of Australians located across a massive continent.

Thousands of our members are involved in collecting, sorting, processing, transporting and delivering nearly 100 million postal items each year.

They’re also the face of the postal service in post offices around Australia.

Since they’ve helped make Australia Post one of the most productive and well known corporations in the country the CEPU works hard to improve our members’ pay, conditions and job prospects — because it shows they’re valued for their efforts.

In this section you’ll find information about wages, conditions and issues within Australia’s postal sector.

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