Member Benefits

Ambassador Card

All CEPU members now have free access to the Australia-wide benefits of the Ambassador Card (usually $199 per year) through your CEPU membership card.

The membership provides members with substantial savings:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and motels
  • Tourist attractions and the country’s leading theme parks
  • Live theatre performances
  • Automotive maintenance and and petrol retailers
  • Groceries
  • Airlines
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Leading national brands retailers
  • Wine and Liquor
  • Movie tickets
  • Education and courses
  • Home energy
  • Browngoods and Whitegoods

In addition, CEPU members are making savings on their weekly shopping and petrol bills by purchasing their electronic Woolworths Wish Gift Cards for use at Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths branded Caltex petrol stations with a 5% discount using their Ambassador Card.

It is one of Australia’s most valuable lifestyle cards. All you have to do is sign your membership card.

To see all the benefits available to you – click here to visit the CEPU Ambassador Card website. This is a member’s only section and you will be required to enter your membership number (found on your membership card) as your username, and your surname as your password.   

Raging Waters Sydney

We’ve secured an exclusive arrangement for CEPU members and their families to enjoy all Raging Waters Sydney has to offer this Summer at significantly discounted rates. Offering over 30 rides, slides and attractions – Sydney’s biggest waterpark has something for everyone.

By purchasing your tickets online using our exclusive promo code, members will save 20% off the gate price of Day Tickets and 15% off the gate price of Season Passes throughout the 2019/20 season, until 29 March 2020.

Members should check their email inbox, or call us on (02) 9893 7822 for the exclusive promo code to use when ordering tickets at

Valid on for use on any operating day throughout the 2019/20 season, until 29th March 2020. Day Passes only valid for one (1) single day use. Please ensure to visit for the current operating schedule. Unless otherwise stated, fees for parking, food, merchandise, locker rentals, Fast Pass hire, pay-per-play attractions (Sydney SkyCoaster), special concerts or events are not include in day pass tickets. Discounts are applied from Raging Waters Gate pricing. Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. For full details visit

CEPU Emergency Ambulance Transport Benefit

The CEPU provides its members with a benefit to assist with ambulance transport costs to a hospital in an emergency. This benefit is available to all financial members of the Union, subject to terms and conditions.

It is similar to ambulance-only coverage that health insurers provide for around $50 a year for single and $80 a year for families.

Members should familiarise themselves with the the terms and conditions that apply to this benefit which can be accessed by clicking here:

ACTU Member Connect

ACTU Member Connect works with unions to provide benefits that add value to union membership.

The Member Connect team understands the work unions do, and we help unions by providing an aditional resource with a dedicated focus on adding value to membership.

Services and products aren’t the reason workers join unions, but union members should be rewarded for joining and maintaining their links to the union in more ways that just representation.

To see what benefits are available to you as a CEPU member through ACTU Member Connect, please click here

Journey Cover Insurance

As you are aware, from 1st January 2009, financial CEPU members are covered for injuries they might experience on their way to or from work.

As from 1st February 2013, we have appointed Windsor Management Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd to manage this insurance on our behalf.

Please note: the scheme is only available for financial members of the CEPU (NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch)

Why are we continuing with this Insurance?

The former Howard Government changed workers compensation laws allowing employers to refuse to pay compensation for employees who suffer accidents and injuries to and from work.

Additionally, workers who sustained an injury while on a meal break from a workplace also had their workers compensation limited.

This meant that if you suffered such an accident that kept you from work for weeks, you would have no income available to you.

With this continued benefit, financial CEPU (Communications Division) members can rest easier knowing that they will have a degree of income support if they suffer journey related injuries or injuries experienced during an authorised meal break.

Under this scheme, up to 85 percent of your normal weekly wage can be paid to you, to help you get by until you return to work.

While the scheme can’t neatly reproduce previous workers compensation benefits, it will certainly provide improved income support – and that means greater peace of mind for our members and their families.

Some frequently asked questions:

What is journey cover and why do we need it?

Because of changes made to legislation, if you experience an accident on your way to or from work, you are no longer covered by workers compensation – that means no income support if you’re off work and run out of sick leave.

But with this new benefit, financial CEPU members can rest easier knowing that they will have a degree of income support if they suffer journey related injuries or injuries experienced during an authorised meal break.

Under this scheme, up to 85 percent of your normal weekly wage can be paid to you, to help you get by until you return to work.

Who’s covered?

If you’re a financial member of the CEPU (Communications Division), you’re covered.

Is there any cost? Do I have to pay more for this?

Journey cover is provided at no extra cost to you – if you’re a financial member, you’re covered by your membership dues.

How does it work?

This scheme will be especially valuable to those members who have run out of sick leave and annual leave – and experience an injury that will keep them from work (and an income) for more than two weeks.

If you experience a journey injury and will be off work for more than two weeks, fill out the claim form (download here) and send it to our brokers. Naturally, they will require medical evidence to document the injury and the cause of it.

How do I notify a claim?

A claim form can be obtained by contacting the CEPU State Office on (02) 9893 7822.

How long will it take for a claim to be approved?

The insurers have set a five day service standard for claim consideration and response, once all required information has been received.

Do I have a waiting period?

For a weekly benefit claim, benefits commence after the Waiting Period of 14 days.

What is the Weekly Benefit?

85% of your average gross weekly earnings to a maximum of $1,500.

Will the payments recognize the amount of money I usually make from overtime?

The benefit is for 85% of your average gross weekly earnings (to a maximum of $1,500), taking into account overtime normally worked or bonuses earned.

What is the benefit period?

Weekly Benefits are payable up to a maximum of 104 weeks. The benefit term is reduced to 52 weeks if a claim for Weekly Benefits occurs after age 66, up to the age of 75.

What constitutes a work journey?

The following journeys are included under the definition of a work journey:

1) During morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunchtimes outside the place of work;

2) To and from home or place of work and lecture, seminar, professional development study activity or examination for which leave with pay has been granted;

3) Travel for the purposes of attending union meetings;

4) Officially sanctioned work related activities, provided always that there is no substantial deviation from the most reasonable direct route to or from.

How will I be paid?

The preferred method is via electronic deposit into your bank account – in line with your employer’s normal pay period (ie: fortnightly). However, contact Windsor Management Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd to discuss possible alternative arrangements.

Will this cover medical costs for treatment of my journey injury?

No. The scheme is mainly aimed at providing a level of income support that did not previously exist due to the changes in legislation.

Where can I get more information?

Should you require more information or have any further questions, please feel free to contact Eleisha Ifield at Windsor Management Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd on (07) 3230 9306 or the CEPU State office on (02) 9893 7822 for a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement

Telecommunications Contractors Insurance

Public & Products Liability
Tools of Trade
Personal Injury & Illness

The CEPU NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch now offers, through Windsor Management Insurance Brokers, the insurance service that members have long been waiting for. The new program gives Telecommunications Contractors the convenience of having all your  business insurance matters tended to in the one place at prices of up to 80% off the average comparison It covers three key areas, which contractors like you are exposed to every day – public & products liability, tools of trade and personal injury & illness.

Liability – $20,000,000 cover limit

Tools of Trade – from $5,000 to $50,000 cover limit

Injury & Illness – from $830 weekly benefit

Union endorsed

The CEPU helped to develop this program keeping in mind the specific interests of telecommunications contractors.

Insurance package tailored for you

Public & Products Liability

  • $20,000,000 limit of liability
  • $100,000 goods in physical and legal control

Tools of Trade

  • Cover limited from $5000 to $50,000
  • Material loss or damage cover
  • $500 excess for each claim
  • Australia wide cover
  • 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days cover
  • $2,500 limit any one item (higher limits available)
  • Replacement cost up to 5 years old

Personal Injury

  • Weekly benefit up to $1,500 per week
  • Worldwide cover
  • Automatic acceptance up to $1,500 per week
  • Weekly benefits – 85% of pre disability taxable earnings
  • 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days cover
  • 104 week benefit period
  • 14 day excess
  • Pre existing medical period only 6 months
  • Additional cover included:
    – Rehabilitation $10,000
    – Funeral benefit – accident only $2,500
    – Return to work assitance
    – Serious disability assistance
    – Vocational training / retraining

Insure with people who know your industry

As the provider of this exclusive package, Windsor Management Insurance Brokers will handle all your insurance matters. Windsor’s team of experts are ready to give you fast, reliable service from your first quote to claim time.

A winning partnership

Windsor Management Insurance Brokers has been assisting all levels of workers in the building and construction industry for more than 16 years. Because of their close relationship with the CEPU NSW Branch they understand the interests of our members. We are proud to offer this unique insurance program that gives CEPU members the right cover at the best value

For a free no obligation quotation, contact Windsor Management Insurance Brokers

Eleisha Ifield or Richard Luscombe

(07) 3230 9306 or (07) 3230 9303 or

These policies are available only to financial members of the CEPU NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch.

These policies may not meet your needs, you should obtain your own financial product advice and consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule for full details, available by contacting Windsor Management Insurance Brokers.

Legal Assistance from Slater & Gordon

As a CEPU member, your membership entitles you to a range of free and discounted legal services from Slater and Gordon. Slater & Gordon are the CEPU’s lawyers, and through this association, we’re able to offer members access to a wide range of benefits.

Through your membership, you can access:

  • A free one-hour consultation with one of our Industrial, Employment and Personal Injury lawyers
  • No Win. No Fee* for Compensation Law services or discounted legal fees
  • The creation of a free standard Online Will.

To access these services, speak to your AUR or your Branch Official on (02) 9893 7822 for a referral.

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