Objectives of the CEPU

The CEPU exists as a collective group of workers for the purpose of advancing the working conditions of tens of thousands of workers employed in Australia’s postal and telecommunications industries.

For 100 years, the Union has drawn on it’s experience and the commitment of it’s membership and have succeeded in improving the pay and conditions of workers in these industries.

Because of the Union’s success with some of Australia’s largest Communications sector employer groups such as Australia Post and Telstra, the pay and conditions won by CEPU members have helped to set benchmarks of employment conditions throughout the postal & telecommunications industries. Including benchmarks in pay and conditions for independent contractors and sub-contractors.

If you work in the Communications sector and want to improve your pay & conditions – or simply require advice and protection for your job – then you should join the CEPU NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch.

From the moment Australians sent letters, telegraphs or started using phones – the workers supplying those services have been supported by our Union.

Your employer is supported by teams of HR advisers, managers and lawyers — so who’s there for you when you need help?

Make the right move for your future.  Get the protection and support you’re entitled to — join the CEPU today.

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