Authorised Union Representatives (AUR)

What is an AUR?

The CEPU is a legally recognised & registered organisation of workers. The CEPU is entirely funded by it’s members and does not receive grants from the Government or Employers. The Union’s only stakeholders are it’s members and the Union operates on a democratic process.

Union Delegates of the CEPU on the ground are referred to as AURs, Authorised Union Representatives. Your AUR is authorised to carry out Union duties and provide representation for members in the workplace.

Who are our AURs?

 The current number of CEPU AURs exceed 800 in NSW, obviously too many to list on this website. They are the unsung heroes of the workplace.

The name of your workplace AUR is displayed in an official document on the Union Noticeboard in your wokrplace.What does being an AUR involve?

An AUR completes the following duties within the workplace

  • Ensuring members in the workplace see Union updates (Circulars, e-Bulletins etc)
  • Communicating with Officials about local issues affecting staff
  • Some representation on local workplace issues
  • Inviting non-union-members to join the CEPU

How does the CEPU support it’s AURs?

The AUR is a necessary role in the workplace for the Union to stay strong. AURs play a major role in organising workplaces. To complete this role, the CEPU ensures that AURs are fully supported and given the experience, training and tools needed to be the face of the CEPU in the workplace.

What is an Alternate AUR?

An Alternate AUR is still recognised as an Authorised representative of the Union in the workplace. Their main role is to support the workplace AUR in performing their duties and when the AUR is not available in the workplace, to step up to the plate and relieve them of their duties.

Becoming an Alternate AUR is a perfect place to start becoming more active within your Union.

How do I become an AUR or Alternate AUR?

The Union operates on a democratic structure and any full financial member can submit a nomination for the position in their workplace.

If your nomination is contested a ballot must be held.

To organise your nomination, please contact the CEPU office on (02) 9893 7822.

What do I get out of it?

You will be trained and educated in current issues affecting the membership and the industrial community. You will gain a further insight into the day to day operations of your Union, you will gain leadership, negotiation and confidence building skills and will gain the respect and leadership of your fellow workmates.

You will also develop closer working relationships with your Union officials and leaders.

The CEPU looks after it’s AURs and recognises that without AURs, our organisation would not hold the strength it holds today.

The CEPU has a team consisting of experienced organisers, a full time lawyer and a wealth of experience in it’s leaders. CEPU officials make themselves available to AURs to share knowledge and provide support.

The bullying or harassment of AURs is not a matter which the CEPU takes lightly. Severe legal repercussions exist for this kind of behaviour.

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