Monthly Archives January 2021

AWA/ITEA employees to move to Telstra EA

Members may have today been made aware that Telstra intends to move those employees who remain on a Howard Government WorkChoices era individual contract, to the Telstra EA. By doing so, terms and conditions of employment will be standardised across the workforce. Whilst this is the case, employees who may be receiving remuneration or terms greater than what is provided by the EA will continue to have those arrangements recognised following the move. It is worth noting that legislation currently before the Parliament will see to the termination of all transitional instruments such as AWAs and ITEAs from July 2022, regardless.
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Retail management must step up to protect workers and community

Following the NSW Government’s introduction of new indoor health mandates, members have contacted the Union over renewed concerns about inadequate signage and social distancing markings in their outlets. From the feedback we’ve received from members, it seems that post offices have largely been left to their own to come up with signage and markers indicating restrictions that apply to customers entering the outlet. This has caused confusion for customers and concern for members who are constantly having to point out restrictions that apply in their outlet, due to inadequate signage. Sure, we recognise it may take some time for appropriate
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