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ADM start times rolled back for Christmas peak as volumes increase and hot weather sets in

We are pleased to advise members that management have agreed to roll back ADM shift commencement times over the peak period. The CEPU has, for some time, been arguing for earlier start times, particularly over the hottest and most busiest time of the year. This argument has only become stronger as volumes have increased leading into peak – and where they have been forecasted to continue through until the end of the year. For those in the Sydney metropolitan region, the following shift commencement times will apply: Letters PDOs – 6am Parcels PDOs – 7am For those in the ACT,
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Resignation of Christine Holgate does not fix serious, systemic issues with management at Australia Post

Australia Post’s workforce is dismayed at recent management strategies including intentional underemployment, the move away from daily deliveries and a parcel back log that continues to grow out of control in many areas. National Secretary Greg Rayner said “There’s something seriously wrong when management thinks nothing of splashing out on Cartier luxury watches but delivers only cut backs and service cuts for the rest of us, “The resignation of Christine Holgate won’t stop the rot at Post.  “The rest of the so-called leadership team must be held accountable for this mess.” National President Shane Murphy said “Public confidence in this
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