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Problems at Post run much deeper than luxury watches, Union submission to regulatory review

A lot has occurred over the past week. Revelations of questionable executive expenditure during Australia Post’s appearance at Senate Estimates last week led to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s impassioned speech, with lots of “shock” and “appal” thrown in, announcing he had instructed CEO Christine Holgate to stand aside from her role whilst the Department undertakes an investigation. Now, it’s all well and good to be shocked and appalled that senior employees, who are already paid very well, would be gifted such extravagant gifts for doing their jobs. Sure – be shocked and appalled at that. Absolutely. But the Prime Minister’s tirade
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National survey of posties show serious delivery bottle necks and vindicates regulation concerns

The union representing posties says that a new survey of over 1000 of its members, participating in Australia Post’s Alternate Day Delivery Model, gives a dire warning as posties are engaging in unsafe work practices in an attempt to clear delivery backlogs and postage delays that are still being experienced across the network. The survey found: 57% of traditional posties, delivering both letters and small parcels predominantly by motorcycle, said they left letters-based products behind at the delivery centre, or brought them back where they remained undelivered for more than one business day. Of those, the average number of letters
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NBN Co Chief’s $3.1 million salary a ‘national disgrace’

News of the NBN Co Chief’s $3.1 million salary is a national disgrace, after axing hundreds of jobs in the middle of a pandemic and overseeing a shonky NBN network rollout.   CEPU Communications Division National Assistant Secretary James Perkins said “It’s absolutely outrageous that NBN boss Stephen Rue is pocketing $3.1 million of taxpayer funds only to slash 800 jobs. “It’s frankly unbelievable that Mr Rue can justify giving himself a $1.2 million bonus in the last financial year, only to then leave hundreds of Aussie workers without a job in the middle of a pandemic and a national
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